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Fitness For Mummies® offer the following services:

CLASSES - to be booked and paid for online


Postnal fitness class

Fitness for Mummies offer classes specifically designed for post-natal mums who wish to exercise and socialise with their babies. This class combines strength and cardio exercise and aims to restore your core fitness working on functional movement. I have worked with many mums to restore Pelvic floor dysfunction and Diastasis Recti.

Please make sure your GP / Midwife has completed your 6-week Check before commencing a class. Babies come to so no need for childcare. Please come dressed for the weather you will need a mat and water and anything you need for your little one.


Boot camp

Sessions are designed to challenge and push you that little bit harder making them idea for those of who looking for that extra motivation to step up your fitness goals. If you want to lose weight, increase your cardio fitness and tone up, then these classes are for you! Full descriptions of classes are on the booking page.


Vicky BrownTraining can take place in your own home, garden, local park or online via zoom. We have a variety of equipment and fitness training methods depending on your goals.

We offer an initial FREE health and medical fitness assessment which will include a detailed look at your health, fitness and goal aspirations to work out your personal plan going forward.

This will include: an in depth medial questionnaire, blood pressure, body measurements, strength and endurance tests, a posture and flexibility analysis and food diary.

  • 1-1 Training sessions (1 hour) X 5 = £250
  • 1-2 Training sessions (1 hour) X 5 = £340

Please email to enquire about Personal Training.


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