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Read what some of our clients say about Fitness for Mummies classes:

"After giving birth I was still suffering from pelvic girdle strain and I had also had a C section. Even walking was an effort for months because of hip pain. I wanted to feel more energetic and stronger but was concerned that i wouldn't benefit from a fitness class and end up feeling miserable.

I contacted a number of fitness groups but Vicky at Fitness for Mummies was the only person who seemed to really understand and care about how I felt. She reassured me that the classes would be suitable and that she would be able to help me with my own particular issues. I absolutely love the classes, they are great fun, everybody has different fitness levels and you can go at your own pace, although Vicky is very encouraging. My little boy also enjoys the classes as he gets an hour to play with other babies. I feel healthier and stronger and the class is one of my weekly highlights."

Noreen (mum of 1)

"Fitness for Mummies was absolutely the best way for me to return to exercise after having my son.  The postnatal class was perfect for me to bring him along to and see to his needs whilst being able to exercise too. 

It was great to feel so comfortable with other mums when i needed to leave the class and tend to my baby's needs.  I found that the exercises were specific to post pregnancy, so perfect for concentrating on specific areas, in particular the stomach and pelvic floor.

My stamina certainly increased and Vicky's instructions were clear, effective and personal. I would highly recommend her classes.  Her experience, people skills and personality are second to none."

Sharon Hawkes (mum of 3)


"I started Vicky's post natal class when my baby was just 8 weeks old, Vicky did an assessment and I filled in a health form, she then really helped me through the first class, helped with the baby if she started crying and showed me how to do the exercises correctly. The baby loves going to fitness for mummies as much as I do as she can play on the mat with the other babies. Vicky is not only a great trainer but great with the babies too and is always happy to pick them up, rock the pram, sing to them etc so we can get on with that much needed exercise!!"

Lucy Pond (mum of 1)

"Vicky's classes are exceptional; they are challenging, motivating and lots of fun. It's clear that Vicky knows a thing or two about exercise and is very experienced in dealing with a whole range of abilities." 

Sue Ashdown Day (mum of 2)

"I attend the evening classes with Fitness for Mummies / Vicky and have found them a fantastic way to fit exercise in with a busy family life. The classes are both high energy and relaxing – Vicky is a very enthusiastic and knowledgable trainer. She adapts any group exercises to the individual – due to pregnancy, injuries, recent birth etc. Being ‘pay-as-you-go’ also gives the flexibility if childcare is an issue on various weeks. An essential part of my exercise routine now!"

Julie Andrews (mum of 3)


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